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California Aviation Alliance Mail Lists
Frequently Asked Questions and Users Guide

California Aviation Alliance

CAA Mail Lists - Frequently Asked Questions & Users Guide

Welcome to the CAA Mail Lists - Please bookmark this page for future reference


1. My email program inbox is overflowing with CAA Mail List posts and I can't find my other email, Help!

There are several things you can do to organize your mail list posts:

* Have your Internet service provider or organization systems administrator set-up a new, separate email account specifically for list mail. Keep in mind that if you use a single mail software program to access multiple email accounts you'll simply be downloading all these posts, including list mail, into the same inbox. The only way to make this work would be to use separate mail programs for separate mail accounts. You should know the newer email software programs can download from multiple email accounts and, using filters (see below), separate posts into folders based on, among other things, the email address it was sent to.


* Separate email account for mail list posts. There are a number of free email providers available. Here are a few:


WEB BASED EMAIL ACCOUNTS (you access your email account via a web page using your existing Internet account)

- Microsoft Hotmail - A well known web-based e-mail service! Checking other pop accounts, automatic reply (autoresponder), html support, attachments support, reminder, news, etc. http://www.hotmail.com/

Your Domain: "@hotmail.com"

- Yahoo Mail - Personal address book for contact information, Multiple attachments, Access to other POP3 email accounts, Spellchecking, Customizable Folders, Message Filtering, Message Searching. http://edit.my.yahoo.com/config/form?.form=main_mail&.src=ym&.lg=us&.done=http%3a//edit.my.yahoo.com/config/mail%3f.intl=

Your Domain: "@yahoo.com"

- Lycos Mail - This service is coming from well-known services,Lycos and iName. Unlike other iName services this is a webbased email service. http://email.lycos.com/member/login.page

Your Domain: "@lycosemail.com"

MAIL SERVER (POP3) EMAIL ACCOUNTS (you access your email account via modem or LAN using either the Internet or a special dial-up telephone access network)

- Juno Mail - A well-known service which provides free e-mail software without the need for an Internet connection. Just dial into their service and collect or send your mail -- all via modem. http://www.juno.com/

Your Domain: "@juno.com"

- Geocities Mail - This service gives you free e-mail & webpage! http://www.geocities.com/join/

Your Domain: "@geocities.com"

* AOL - America Online allows up to five distinct email addresses. Establish a separate one for mail lists.

* Email Filters - Many newer email programs provide a "filter" feature that looks at your email as it's being downloaded and sorts it into separate folders based on a number of criteria. Microsoft Outlook 98 and 2000 and Netscape Communicator offer this.

* Color coding - Microsoft Outlook 98 and 2000 also supports color coding of incoming email based on sender or subject and is available for free download http://www.microsoft.com/outlook/

2. Is it possible to only receive some posts on a list? No, as long as you're subscribed to a list, you will receive all posts sent to it, both the original and any subsequent responses. Your only options are to subscribe or unsubscribe or set to Digest mode (see below).

3. What is Digest mode? Some lists have digest mode enabled. This allows you to receive a large email composed of many separate posts. Rather than receiving many posts a day you would receive just a few large posts.

4. How do I stop posts when I go on vacation? Send a email addressed to imailsrv@californiaaviation.org and type UNSUBSCRIBE followed by the name of the list (airport, help, legislative, etc.). You don't need to put anything in the subject line.

5. How do I restart the mail list when I return from vacation? Send a email addressed to imailsrv@californiaaviation.org and type SUBSCRIBE followed by the name of the list (airport, help, legislative, etc.). You don't need to put anything in the subject line.

6. How do I send a post to a list? Send a email addressed to [name of list]@californiaaviation.org and type your subject line and message as you normally would.

7. How do I send a command to the listserver to change my subscription status? Send a email addressed to imailsrv@californiaaviation.org, leave the subject line blank, and in the body of the message type Subscribe (or Unsubscribe) followed by the name of the list.

8. How do I reply to a post on one of the lists? If you want your response to a post to go to everyone on that list, merely click on your email programs 'Reply' button and 'Send'. Everyone on the list will receive your post. If you want to send a private response to a previous post you'll need to look for the originators email address, usually in the body of the message and cut and paste it into the 'To' box then 'Send'.

9. Sometimes you say address your email to imailsrv@californiaaviation.org, sometimes you tell us to address it to help@californiaaviation.org or legislative@californiaaviation.org, etc., etc. what's up with that, I'm confused? Well, it depends on what you're trying to do, send a command to the listserve (the computer running the mail list software)to change your subscription status, or send a post to one of the several lists that everyone subscribed to that list will receive. Email addressed to imailsrv@californiaaviation.org (the "e" at the end of listserve is not used in the address) directs the mail list program to execute the command it finds in the body of the message (i.e. Subscribe, Unsubscribe, etc.) followed by the name of the list you want the command to effect (i.e. airport, help, jobs, etc.) We ask that you also add your name and airport or company name at the end. So the body of the message to the listserve would look something like: subscribe (or unsubscribe) legislative John Doe Happy Hill Airport. Posting to a list is equally easy. Simply address the email to [insert name of the list here, airport, help, jobs, etc.]@californiaaviation.org. Type in the subject, if an original post. (If replying to someone else's previous post, just leave the subject line alone) followed by whatever it is you want to say (consistent with the list topic) in the body of the message.

For more information or to subscribe to a list visit the CAA Mail List page at http://californiaaviation.org/serv01.htm


Visit the CAA Homepage at http://www.californiaaviation.org/


Update September 19, 1998

CAA Mail List Subscriber's Handbook

Welcome to the CAA Mailing Lists! We are very excited about our mailing lists, and are glad you've joined! Please be forewarned that these lists are very active, friendly and open. People may refer to projects, techniques, or topics that have been discussed before. Please persevere and read along and look at the FAQ's. Think of it as moving into a new neighborhood: you won't know everyone or everything right off, but it's a great place to live. Questions from *newbies* are always welcome.


The CAA mailing lists are:

CAA: Airport News - aviation news and views from around our region and our world. Currently, posts to this list are permitted only from the list administrator (Stephen Irwin).

CAA Legislative Updates - the rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment is the focus of this list. Jump in and let your voice be heard.

CAA Positions Open - need a job?, have a job to fill? I look forward to meeting you at your earliest opportunity, but please, keep it brief and to the point.

CAA: GA News - solely for topics related to General Aviation Airports

CAA: Airport Alert - for dissemination of time critical information to airports. Abuse of this list will result in the offender being removed.

CAA: Corporate List - news, views, queries and helpful hints from our corporate members.

CAA: Mutual Help List - you have questions, these list members have answers. Put the cumulative talent of over a hundred airport experts on your staff. Why reinvent the wheel?

CAA: Meet a Mentor - we've been there, we know what it's like to break into and succeed in this business. If you're looking for career guidance or the opportunity to share your wisdom with a young person, this is the list for you.

CAA: Ideas and Innovations List - have an idea for a better aeronautical mousetrap but want to bounce it off your airport colleagues? This is where you can brainstorm together.

CAA: Request for Proposals - get your RFP out on the "street" by posting it here. A lot of airport consultants are waiting to hear from you. This list is also useful for learning about the RFP process itself. Go ahead, ask away.

CAA: Aviation Business List

CAA: Pilot Talk List

Why so many lists? The CAA lists are distinctive in that they have a narrower focus than many. This means that you will not have to go through large numbers of messages each day to find the few that are of real interest to you.

You may subscribe to either the reflected or the digested version of any list. The reflector emails each message immediately; the digester bundles the individual messages to form a single large message which is sent after a sufficient volume has accumulated. The digest contains the exact same information as the reflector, but all in one lump of about 25K. It is helpful for those who receive a lot of mail and wish to keep the CAA messages separate.


DO be courteous, and try not to react to someone else's post as a personal affront (look for other interpretations before responding). Insulting someone personally, or insulting the opinions a person holds is not allowed. For example, you may certainly say, "I don't like Brand XYZ airfield signage". But it is rude to say, "Anyone who buys Brand XYZ signs is an idiot". Luckily, airport folk are almost universally kind people, so this comes naturally.

DO post!! (but to the appropriate list, please). We want newbies to introduce themselves when they feel comfortable doing so (this is called "delurking"). We DO encourage beginner questions. Answering them is part of the reason we are here!

DO sign your message with your name AND email address. Some email systems strip the headers off, so people on those systems can't reply to you without it. Please DO add your geographic location, we're all curious, you know!

DO be specific in your subject line. Our interests vary widely; this will help those not interested in your particular topic to move through their mail more quickly. This is especially true of topics (or, "threads") which have been under discussion for awhile, and the subject of later messages has wandered far afield of the original posting.

DO avoid leaving large chunks of a previous message in your replies, but rather limit to a sentence or two. Some people have to pay for incoming mail based on the size and amount of that mail. Others have limited time and resources for reading/printing. Stop first and consider whether your response is really of interest to the whole list, or should be privately addressed to the author of the message. For example, notes saying things like "I agree" and not much else are a waste of resources for many list members.

DO NOT send attachments (they appear as an undecodable lump in the digest). If you have an attachment you would like to share, DO offer to send it privately to those interested, or DO put it on your web page if you have one. Likely it's something we'll want to see!

Companies and Consultants: DO be discreet. An introductory message when you delurk will be wonderful, letting readers know where you are, what you sell, and what your terms are. You may mention your company if you are responding to someone asking how to obtain a particular item, but again please don't mention prices. Invite people to ask you for further information if they are interested. Also, a signature at the end of your message indicating your status as a vendor is also fine (limit of 4 lines is considered good nettiquette).

HTML capable email program users: DO turn off "html" when sending to the list. The resulting message appears with lots of what seems to be garbage at the end (if you don't know hypertext, that is!). From the top line menu, select TOOLS / OPTIONS / SEND / and change this from HTML to PLAIN TEXT.

DO NOT post email virus warnings (also appeals for post-cards for dying children, and associated ilk) are invariably hoaxes and/or urban legends. You should not be propagating them at all, but whatever you do, don't send them to the CAA lists. No matter how urgent they seem, they are off-topic. For more information, please see:





DO make sure the default "reply to" address is the one you want. It's very easy to send messages intended for the whole list to a single email address, or to address private replies to the whole list without noticing.

DO avoid using special characters in your messages. A number of mail-servers cannot accept mail with 8-bit ASCII characters in the message header (areas such as "from" and "subject" and the beginning of the message). Please be aware that some members may not get your messages if you use these characters, which include umlauted characters, accent marks, etc.

DO unsubscribe if you are changing email addresses or will be away from your computer for an extended period. If your mail gateway goes down for several days, or if your address becomes undeliverable for some reason (like "mailbox full") for more than a short while - usually 2 or 3 days - you will be unsubscribed from the list and will need to resubscribe.

DO be patient with our fellow subscribers. Sometimes we make mistakes and post messages we should not have posted, or posted to the incorrect address. Since the message comes back to us as a subscriber, we quickly discover our own mistakes. Unless the offense is repeated, it need not be pointed out. Such helpful messages, despite being sent with the best of intentions, only cause hard feelings, particularly if they arrive after an apology has been made to the list.

DO enjoy these lists! These nettiquette guidelines are intended to make it pleasant for everyone, not scare you into permanent lurking! They are GUIDELINES, not RULES!!!



Digest Mode: version of the list in which about 30K of messages are saved up, then sent as one message to subscribers of the digest. Helpful for those who receive a lot of mail and wish to keep the CAA messages separate.

Reflected version: version of the list in which each email is distributed to the list as soon as it's posted.

Browser: a software program used to view web pages. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator are the most popular.

Web Based Email: your email account is accessed just like any web page using your browser rather than a email program.

POP3 Account: your email account is accessed using a email program.

Listserve: a computer (server) on which the mail list software runs.


BTW - by the way

FAQ - frequently asked questions; refers to listings of questions and answers about a subject.

FWIW: for what it's worth

HHOK: ha, ha only kidding

IMO and IMHO - in my (humble) opinion

LOL: laughing out loud

OTOH: on the other hand

TIA: Thanks in advance

TTFN: ta ta for now (a sign off)

TTYL: talk to you later (another sign off)

<g> and <vbg> grin and very big grin OR groan and very big groan (let the context guide you!)

:-) and :) and :-( smiley face (on it's side) and frowny face (on it's side). There are lots of variations of these so-called smileys, from ;-) winking to :-O shouting to...

To subscribe to the CAA Mailing Lists send an email message from the email account you wish to receive your posts on to imailsrv@californiaaviation.org

There is no need to write anything in the "Subject" line of your email.

In the body of the email message write the word "Subscribe" (without quotation marks) followed by the code of the list to which you want to subscribe and name position and organization. You may enter more than one request in a single message, but each should be on a new line and should include the word "Subscribe" "Code". The "name position and organization" need only be included on the first line of a multiple list subscription. PLEASE BE CAREFUL not to include a "signature" at the bottom of your message.

The codes followed by the full email address for posting to CAA's Mailing Lists are as follows:

CAA Legislative Updates - legislative    "legislative@californiaaviation.org"

CAA Positions Open - jobs    "jobs@californiaaviation.org"

CAA: GA News - ganews    "ganews@californiaaviation.org"

CAA: Airport Alert - alert    "alert@californiaaviation.org"

CAA: Corporate List - corporate    "corporate@californiaaviation.org"

CAA: Mutual Help List - help    "help@californiaaviation.org"

CAA: Meet a Mentor - mentor    "mentor@californiaaviation.org"

CAA: Ideas and Innovations List - idea    "idea@californiaaviation.org"

CAA: Request for Proposals - rfp    "rfp@californiaaviation.org"

CAA: Aviation Business List - avbiz    "avbiz@californiaaviation.org"

 CAA: Pilot Talk List - pilot    "pilot@californiaaviation.org"


The following is a summary of the commands which may be given to the computer which services our mailing list, it receives those commands at the email address imailsrv@californiaaviation.org

You will know your command has succeeded when you receive a message back from Listserve.

1. To subscribe to the reflected version of the list, send a message to: imailsrv@californiaaviation.org

The body of the message must contain only:

subscribe airport yourname, airportname or company

(insert name of other lists in place of "airport" in above)

You will know it worked when your receive a message from the Listserve confirming your subscription.

2. To unsubscribe from the reflected version of the list, send a message to: listserv@californiaaviation.org

The body of the message must contain only:

unsubscribe airport yourname, airportname or company

(insert name of other lists in place of "airport" in above)

You should receive a confirmation message back that your command succeeded.

3. To subscribe to the digested version of the list, send a message to: imailsrv@californiaaviation.org

The body of the message must contain only:

Subscribe digest airport yourname, airportname or company

(insert name of other lists in place of "airport" in above)

You should receive a confirmation message back that your command succeeded.

4. To unsubscribe from the digested version of the list, send a message to: imailsrv@californiaaviation.org

The body of the message must contain only:

Unsubscribe digest airport yourname, airportname or company

(insert name of other lists in place of "airport" in above)

You should receive a confirmation message back that your command succeeded.

5. To post to a list, send a message to: [code]@californiaaviation.org

Enter a descriptive subject line

Enter the text of your message in the body of the message.

You will know it worked if you see the message come back to you as a regular message of the list either singly or in the digest.

5. If you are having trouble subscribing, unsubscribing, or posting do NOT send a message to Listserve. Instead, contact: stepheni@cwnet.com

6. To get more information on the commands available for the CAA Listserve, send a message to: imailsrv@californiaaviation.org

The body of the message must contain only:

help airport

If you have questions about the CAA Mailing Lists service or any other feature of the CAA Website, please contact Stephen Irwin at stepheni@cwnet.com

Please note: CAA offers no warranty as to performance, or any other warranties expressed or implied. The user assumes the entire risk of using information and services supplied by the CAA mailing lists, and CAA accepts no responsibility or liability for the information made available on the CAA mailing lists, or for any losses, damages, inconvenience, etc., which may result directly or indirectly from the use thereof.

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