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Information is the key to success in this industry. Here you'll find the latest reports, studies and data on matters important to you.

Many of the files on this page are stored in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read and print these files.

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FAR Part 107 Airport Security Regulations. This is the final rule released on July 17, 2001 and will have an implementation date of November 14, 2001.

FAR Part 108 Air Carrier Security Regulations. This is the final rule released on July 17, 2001 and will have an implementation date of November 14, 2001.

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking FAR Part 139 Airport Certification. Issued June, 2000.

In June, 2001 the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the FAA's 1998 decision to allow Kansas City to close the Richards-Gebaur Memorial Airport. The decision to close the airport was bitterly contested by the Friends of Richards-Gebaur Airport (FoR-GA), the city of Grandview, Mo., and AOPA.

The complete text of the 8th Circuit Court's decision on Richards-Gebaur Memorial Airport

Report to the U.S. Congress on Environmental Review of Airport Improvement Projects

Airport Capacity Benchmark Report 2001: A new FAA study of the nationís most delay-plagued airports paints a gloomy picture of the future.

Aviation Competition: Challenges in Enhancing Competition at Dominated Markets: Testimony by JayEtta Hecker, Director of Physical Infrastructure, Before Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.

Aviation Competition: Regional Jet Service Yet to Reach Many Small Communities, Chart on Manufactures, Demand, and Characteristics; Chart of U.S. Cities with RJ Service; Pilot Labor Agreements and Restriction on RJ Ops, Delta and U.S. Airways' Deployment of RJ.

DOT IG Customer Service Report: Department of Transportation's Office of the Inspector General's Final Report on the Airline Customer Service Commitment, as required by the Wendell H. Ford Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century. Issued February 12, 2001

Privatizing Airports ó Options and Case Studies: Private sector participation in airport infrastructure can take many forms, including concessions, long-term leases, and the outright sale of assets or shares. This 1996 World Bank report by Ellis J. Juan outlines different approaches to airport privatization, drawing on cases from Canada, Colombia, Jamaica, and Northern Ireland.

Air 21 Overview: The recent passage of AIR-21, the FAA re-authorization bill, dominated this years aviation legislative session. Significant points of this important legislation are highlighted.

Safer Skies: A presentation on FAA's Safer Skies initiative.

Aviation Infrastructure: Challenges Associated With Building and Maintaining Runways.

Airport Ground Access Planning Guide: This report presents the results of the first phase of a project jointly sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Aviation and the Environment: Airport Operations and Future Growth Present Environmental Challenges.

Aviation and the Environment: Results From a Survey of the Nation's 50 Busiest Commercial Service Airports, RCED-00-222: Views of Airport Officials, Alphabetical Listing of 50 Busiest Commercial Service Airports, Anticipated Dates Airports Will Reach Capacity, Noise and Environmental Concerns, Air and Water Quality, Deicing and Anti Icing Chemicals and Recycling, Population Within 65 dB DNL Contour.

Aviation Security - Slow Progress in Addressing Long-Standing Screener Performance Problems

FAA Advisory Circular, "Minimum Standards and Exclusive Rights"

Innovation in the Administration of Public Airports Examines the innovative approaches taken by five publicly owned and operated airports to adjust to the evolution of America’s air transport system. Includes examples of how to make public enterprises more efficient. The results include a study of innovation as a critical component of the American transportation system.

The Regional Jet Service Debate: Learn about regional jet trends, projections, growth constraints, code sharing, and passenger and fleet profiles.

FAA Reauthorization Bill Conference Report

Preliminary Data-EPA Deicing Study

Wildlife Strikes to Civil Aircraft in the United States 1990-1998

Wildlife Hazard Management at Airports Manual  
Produced by USDA and FAA.

FAA Aerospace Forecasts FY 2000-2011: Executive Summary, 1998 General Aviation and Air Taxi Activity, Avionics Survey, Economic and Air Carrier Forecasts, Regional/Commuters and General Aviation Forecasts, FAA Workload Forecasts. (posted 03/31/00)

Aviation Industry Overview FY 1999, FAA: Passenger Enplanements and Aircraft Departures, Traffic and Seat Capacity Air Carrier Aircraft Orders and Deliveries, General Aviation Aircraft Shipments, Air Carrier Jet Fuel Prices, Financial Results. (posted 03/30/00)

Aviation Security: Slow Progress in Addressing Long-Standing Screener Performance Problems, GAO/T-RCED-00-125. (posted 03/29/00)

Twenty Years of Deregulation: 1978 to 1998, FAA. (posted 03/29/00)

FAA Long-Range Aerospace Forecasts FY 2015, 2020 and 2025. (posted 03/29/00)

Aviation Industry Overview FY 1998, FAA Office of Aviation Policy and Plans. (posted 03/29/00)

1999 FAA Airport Benefit-Cost Analysis Guidance. (posted 03/29/00)

GAO Report on Aviation and the Environment: Aviation's Effects on the Global Atmosphere Are Potentially Significant and Expected to Grow.

Determining Your Airports Economic Impact. A Worksheet Developed by Nebraska's Division of Aeronautics.   Or Use the Online Version.

NTSB Safety Recommendation on Aircraft Bird Strike Hazards (Nov. 19, 1999)

Airport Business Practices and Their Impact on Competition FAA/OST Study

Airline Deregulation: Changes in Airfares and Services at Buffalo New York

Reagan National Airport: Capacity to Handle Additional Flights and Impact on Other Airports

General Aviation Reports: Unauthorized Land Use Highlights Need for Improved Oversight and Enforcement

General Aviation Reports: Oversight and Funding

Aviation Security: FAA's Actions to Study Responsibilities and Funding for Airport Security and to Certify Screening Companies

Air Traffic Control: FAA's Modernization Investment Management Approach Could be Strengthened

Air Traffic Control: Observations on FAA’s Air Traffic Control Modernization Program

Airline Deregulation: Changes in Airfares, Service Quality, and Barriers to Entry

Airport Improvement Program: FAA Complying With Requirement for Local Involvement in Noise Mitigation Projects ]

Aviation Competition: Effects on Consumers from Domestic Airline Alliances Vary

Federal Aviation Administration: Issues Concerning the Reauthorization of Aviation Programs.

Air Traffic Control: Status of FAA's Modernization Program.

National Airspace System: FAA Has Implemented Some Free Flight Initiatives, but Challenges Remain.

FAA Gets a Report Card on Curbing Revenue Diversion. Read the Sept. 11 DOT IG Audit of Airport Financial Reports.

Airfield Pavement: Keeping Nation's Runways in Good Condition Could Require Substantially Higher Spending.

Domestic Aviation: Service Problems and Limited Competition Continue in Some Markets.

Airline Competition: Cargo Airline Has Enhanced Competition in Hawaii But Faces an Uncertain Future.

National Civil Aviation Review Commission Preliminary Funding Task Force Report.

A GAO report to Congress on Airport Financing: Funding Sources for Airport Development

Read this GAO study on Regional Air-Cargo Airports.

A FAA Case Study of Potential New Connecting Hub Airports.

DOT Profile: Regional Jets And Their Emerging Roles In The U.S. Aviation Market.

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