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The California Aviation Alliance - An Unincorporated California Association

Get Involved!

It may seem too overwhelming. There's no question that advancing aviation policy can be difficult. But the fact is, that individuals like you, joining together with others who care, can turn things around.

You may feel like you can't be effective because you only have a few hours a month, or several days a week to be involved. Keep in mind that every effort, even the small ones, advance the cause. Your participation, on any level, can change you and your community for the better. Here's a list of ways that you can get involved.

Be Informed: To advocate for change, begin by learning about aviation related issues and laws. Use the CAA Tools for Action to see what others are doing in their communities, and to get tips and ideas, and facts that can help.

Organize or Attend Outreach Events: Being visible in your community has an effect on how people think about aviation and helps legislators to see which issues their constituents care about.

Write a letter to the editor or an op-ed piece: Many community leaders and politicians read the editorial pages to assess public opinion; therefore, writing to your newspaper or other media is an effective way to express your views on important issues.

Establish a Speakers Bureau: Offer to speak to community and civic groups, such as the League of Women Voters or the PTA, to raise awareness about aviations benefits in your area. You can also recruit local pilots, airport managers, aviation based business owners or other advocates to be part of your network of speakers.

Communicate With Your Legislator: Establish a relationship with your legislators--they rely on people like you for policy suggestions, feedback and information. Provide your legislative allies with background statistics and anecdotes that describe the benefits of aviation in your community.

Attend Public Hearings/Testify: Follow the progress of aviation-related legislation closely. When the legislation is being reviewed at committee or public hearings, be prepared to attend or give testimony. Bring allies from districts represented by other members of the committee. Provide informational materials to other witnesses, the committee, and the news media covering the hearing.
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