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In keeping with the old adage, "Let's not reinvent the wheel", we'd like to create a online, searchable library of useful airport documents. We're looking for good examples of reports, rules and regulations, brochures, marketing materials, surveys, leases, RFQ's, RFP's and other written material. Anything that, with minor modification, could serve the needs of another airport. If you've been looking for a particular type document, let us know that too and we'll make a special effort to find it for you. If you're especially proud of something you've created, please pass it on and we'll make it available to your colleagues. We're particularly interested in documents meeting the unique needs of California airports.

Thanks for your help

Oakland Int'l Airport Rules & Regs

Tracy Municipal Airport (CA) Strategic Plan

Huntingburg Airport (IN) Strategic Plan

City of Phoenix Aviation Department Airport Rules and Regulations
The official rules governing everything from the lines at the ticket counter to handling fuel spills.

City of Phoenix Aviation Department Tenant Improvement Handbook
The process manual governing any construction, remodeling, etc. performed by or for tenants at airports operated by the City of Phoenix Aviation Department.

City of Phoenix Aviation Department Airfield Maintenance and Facilities Services
Techniques and processes used in maintaining the airfield and facilities from the ground up. Includes information on asphalt paving, grounds upkeep, fleet maintenance and more.

Sample Airport Certification Manual

Sample Airport Certification Specifications

Beaufort County, S.C. Airport Jet Fuel Storage System and Jet Fuel Truck Specification RFP

Off-Airport Operator Agreement

Red Bluff Municipal Airport Operating Rules and Regulations & Minimum Standards for Airport Aeronautical Service Providers

Generic minimum standards for airport aeronautical service providers and airport operating rules and regulations

How to write a RFP

Ultralight operations

Airport marketing research/analysis RFQ

Hangar lease agreement

Consultant selection criteria and ranking

Fuel service RFP

Vehicle parking agreement

Live on premises airport caretaker agreement


Files marked are in Adobe Portable Document File format.

Files marked  are in WordPerfect file format.

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