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The California Aviation Alliance (CAA) is a result of five statewide aviation organizations working together to enhance the public awareness of the benefits of aviation to all citizens and to increase the effectiveness of the aviation industry in protecting and enhancing the aviation infrastructure in California.  CAA’s founders have guided the alliance through the successful accomplishment of several actions that will enhance aviation in the state.  The group requested and received a commitment by the California Department of Transportation to undertake a statewide socio-economic impact study of aviation in California.  It sponsored and authored legislation to protect airports from closure and to strengthen Airport Land Use Commission’s role in protecting airports and surrounding communities.  CAA has garnered increased interest and enthusiasm from other California aviation organizations. The alliance has worked together on a variety of issues and must now extend beyond the work of the original group.  CAA must expand its horizons, membership, and communications techniques.  The Alliance must now devise a clear and ongoing vision for the future.

While CAA may formulate a strategic plan with relative ease, implementation may be time consuming and require increased commitment from its members.  As such, members must carefully consider the plan, its reality, and the time and effort they might realistically offer.

Regardless of each member’s ability to volunteer time, we cannot overlook the value and importance of a strategic plan.  We must develop this plan based on the collective input from each member and, at this point, potential member.  Upon consensus and completion, the strategic plan will provide the framework for guiding the development and direction of CAA.

 Once implemented, CAA should periodically review and, as necessary, modify the plan based upon national and state changes within the aviation industry and changes at the grass roots level.  Proactive review and revision will enable the Alliance to continuously direct its resources in a manner consistent with mutually defined goals.  The result will be - success.

The following is the basic structure and fundamental components of the strategic business plan proposed for CAA. 


California Aviation Alliance is an informal association of aviation interest groups, associations, and business organizations with a mutual interest in protecting and supporting aviation in the State of California.  A CAA member shall name one representative and one alternate to interact with designees of other CAA members.

Mission Statement

 CAA is committed To Develop, Enhance and Protect Aviation Interests in the State of California. 


  • Organize communications networks (website, email, fax, phone).
  • Develop a practical website that can aid in introducing the Alliance and facilitating our daily communications needs.
  • Organize and produce an annual “California Aviation Symposium” for the benefit and participation of all segments of the aviation industry in California.
  • Establish relationship with appropriate state legislative committees, state agencies and statewide organizations and associations having an interest in aviation issues.
  • Improve relations and networking opportunity among all sectors of California’s aviation industry. Advocate aviation, both General Aviation and Air Carrier, as important forms of transportation and communication tools to state and local legislators, public officials and the public.
  • Develop the character, knowledge, and enthusiasm of California youth by promoting each member association’s youth programs.
  • Endeavor to earmark state tax revenue collected from aviation sources for aviation use.
  • Keep CAA an open, simple, and fluid alliance of aviation groups.
  • Sponsor, monitor, and review state and local legislation pertaining to aviation and airport issues.
  • Participate in obtaining federal funds for aviation systems improvement and maintenance.

Short Term:
  • Solidify CAA’s organization and communications systems. 
  • Effectively amend and pass Senate Bill-1084 to enhance land use planning in the vicinity of airports
Mid Term:
  • Assist and advise Caltrans Aeronautics in the update of the Airport Land Use Commission Land Use Planning Hand Book and in developing the Statewide Aviation Socio-Economic Study. 
  • Respond to anticipated legislation affecting airport noise issues. 
  • Continue developing pro-active participation in aviation issues by    California’s aviation community.
  • Participate in development of aeronautics evaluation criteria regulations for new or expanded school sites in California as a result of passage of Assembly Bill-747.
Long Term:
  • Identify, contact, and develop a working relationship with legislators, legislative staff and government officials in an effort to educate them to the needs and importance of aviation.
  • Foster the safe and efficient growth of aviation. 
  • Seek legislation to redirect aviation related tax revenues to address aviation infrastructure needs throughout the state.
  • Preserve airports and surrounding neighborhoods through strengthened land use policy.
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